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Cheese masterpieces from Schleswig-Holstein

Whether mild, creamy, spicy, savoury or rather creamy: We at Gut von Holstein have a number of cheese delicacies and butter specialities in our range. Enjoy North German cheese and butter quality just the way you like it. Whether as a pure cheese snack or on bread with our delicious fassbutter - always a delight.

There are no limits to your creativity and enjoyment. Go on a journey of discovery and find your personal favourite.

Our Products


The brand name originated in 1992, when independent, medium-sized dairies from Schleswig-Holstein founded their own marketing and sales company. Gut von Holstein GmbH has been based in Bad Bramstedt since 1994 and under this overall brand supplies a wide range of high-quality butter and cheese specialities, which are produced in seven dairies in Schleswig-Holstein.

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North Sea freshness!

Now North German cheese taste comes into the shopping basket with four savoury varieties from the Nordsee Käserei.

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Typically from the region - strikingly delicious!

The interaction of happy cows from the region and a lot of love gives our coastal raclette its special characteristics.


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With heart and soul.

We ensure the best possible products. The basis for our delicious products are our cows. When you buy our Gut von Holstein products, you can be sure: There is a lot of love in every single one of them!

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Already many sorts "NON GMO VERIFIED".

More than 25 cheese products are already certified "without genetic engineering" at Gut von Holstein. Our products are lactose-free (< 0.1 g lactose / 100 g) and gluten-free by nature, without the addition of preservatives or colouring additives.


Our factory in Neumünster.

Since 2019, we have been producing Edam and Gouda block products at our factory in Neumünster. We also produce pasta filata and mozzarella at this location.
Further production of various types of cheese, of up to 70,000 tonnes (annually), for food retailers, wholesalers, bulk consumers and industrial processing are currently being planned.

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Überbackene Nachos mit Küstenraclette
Ein herzhafter Snack für gemeinsame Abende
Raclette-Pfännchen mit Küstenraclette
Pfanntastisch kombinierbar!
Snackspieße mit Küstenraclette
Der Kombinationsfreude sind keine Grenzen gesetzt.
Schlemmer Käse Scheiben 60 %
Produktvorstellung Moin, moin!

Jetzt unbedingt probieren und genießen!

Nordsee Käse Scheiben 55 %
Produktvorstellung Moin, moin!

Jetzt unbedingt probieren und genießen!

Nordbrise Scheiben 50 %
Produktvorstellung Moin, moin!

Jetzt unbedingt probieren und genießen!




We are proud!

100% production in Schleswig-Holstein.

We are proud of approx. 1,720 milk farms and our 6 shareholder dairies in Schleswig-Holstein.