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Bernsteiner cheese - also great for burgers.

Our Bernsteiner cheese has matured for at least 3 months and is also perfect for delicious burger creations. It has perfect melting properties and has been tested by Burger fans.

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10 kg block - German "Deutsche Markenbutter".

The Gut von Holstein Butter with the quality mark "Deutsche Markenbutter" is inspected monthly by official inspections and is subject to strict requirements. In the butter test, criteria such as pH value, water distribution, spreadability and sensory characteristics (appearance, taste, smell and texture) are evaluated. German "Deutsche Markenbutter" is only allowed to be produced by approved companies and is the highest quality butter in Germany.

Our butter is perfectly suited for the production of butter bakery products, stir-fry doughs, shortcrust doughs, yeast doughs, but also for soups, sauces, for frying, cooking and much more.

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Our sortiment for bulk consumers.

Explore our product range - cheese and butter in many different formats and packs. The ideal cheese for every occasion and every recipe.

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Portion butter

Proven quality in new design. Available in 10 g, 15 g and 20 g.

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