Küstenraclette, the cheese speciality from the region

Extend the raclette season

Cheese craftsmanship with tradition. Matured in the traditional natural ripening cellar and cared for by hand, the strong, spicy Küstenraclette is convincing in taste and design.

Top quality from the land between the seas

The original art of cheese-making is paramount at Gut von Holstein. The fresh wind, the endless horizons and the harsh climate of Schleswig-Holstein make our cheese unique.


Typically from the region - strikingly delicious!

The interaction of happy cows from the region and a lot of love gives our coastal raclette its special characteristics. Our regional cows enjoy mostly home-grown fodder and are provided with sufficient nutrients - and you can taste it!

Would you like a little more?

On bread, for gratinating or for the perfect sandwich - with its deliciously strong flavour, our coastal raclette cheese is the ideal addition to all creative cheese recipes.

Refined cheese skewers

The spicy cheese skewers are great as a snack at home, to take to the office or to share with friends. Quickly prepared, the classics are a hit at any party. Whether sweet, strong or fruity - coastal raclette can be combined in many ways and gives the skewers that certain something.

There are no limits to the imagination

Whatever tastes good is allowed! There are no limits to the combinations you can make with our coastal raclette cheese. The slices fit perfectly into the raclette pans.

Did you know?

  • Our natural bark is suitable for consumption
  • Without added preservatives and colourings
  • Lactose-free (< 0.1g lactose/100g) due to long maturing process
  • Naturally gluten free
  • Production Without genetic engineering